The program MBA has been based on three pillars – knowledge, competence, skills and attitude - which guarantee high quality professional competences sought after in the tourism industry. See the description of the three pillars below.

• Knowledge:

  • • The program syllabus has been developed jointly with our vastly experienced American partner, which ensures high quality knowledge transfer.
  • • Our tourism industry partners, invited to cooperation, conduct classes and actively participate in designing program syllabuses.
  • • A modular learning system allows students to create a study profile tailored to their individual needs as learners are able to choose fields of study that interest them most from the course catalogue offering a variety of subjects.
  • • The University College of Tourism and Ecology has, for years, been the best higher education tourism school in Poland, ensuring high quality teaching for its numerous students.
    • Our students receive innovative educational materials
    • We provide our students with many opportunities to enhance their knowledge (quizzes, games, educational scenarios, etc.)
    • The course is delivered by distinguished lecturers, including many recognized business practitioners in the tourism industry.


  • • Partnership relations between learners: knowledge exchange, networking, project teamwork – these are only some of the advantages of studying together in a group of experienced managers and learning most crucial skills in business.
    • MBA students are program partners, which means that they decide on the areas of expertise that they seek to learn and develop their own projects.
    • The use of interactive teaching methods including workshops, business case studies, panel discussions, encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.


  • • Thanks to our modern online platform, it is possible to contact the university from anywhere in the world.
    • The course organization is based on a partnership approach to learners, who, throughout the course, can rely on the assistance of assigned group supervisors.
    • MBA learners are specialists, selected in the recruitment process, who are determined to enhance their knowledge and share it with others.
    • MBA students have the opportunity to regularly verify their knowledge and skills in their working environment as well as to get further assessment during classes.

Competences (brand, prestige)

As a result of the MBA course, learners gain high quality professional competences, ensuring managers a high reputation and professional prestige in their business environment.